KNDF intimidates Loikaw people despite retreating


Khit / Thant Zin (NP News) - July 11

Loikaw residents reported that the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) continues threatening and intimidating the Loikaw residents who came to the town for resettlement despite starting withdrawal.

The armed insurrection forces in Loikaw started their retreat on 5 July morning.

The allied forces of KNDF and PDF terrorists launched the military assaults on the urban areas of Loikaw Town starting on 11 November 2023. However, a series of Tatmadaw’s security operations have driven the groups from the city.

However, the Loikaw resident reported that “Not all troops of the KNDF have withdrawn. Only a few remain in the city area though.”

It is also reported that the city-dwellers are willing to return to the town since the Kayah State Government is conducting re-establishing the town. Notwithstanding, people who want to come back to the city are being intimidated by the KNDF forces not to return, according to the source.

He continued, “It will be very difficult to re-establish the town. People want to come back. However, they also are afraid of potential armed conflicts. The economy of the town has been damaged. In fact, the properties owned by the residents were lost during the conflict. Some houses were damaged by the explosion of heavy weapons. Such houses have to be demolished and re-constructed.”

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