Crossfire occurs in Hseni, Shan State between MNDAA and SSPP


Khit/ Munich (NP News) - April 2

In northern Shan State where the Union Government’s power has been lost, different groups of ethnic insurgents are fighting each other as agreement on ruling territory cannot be made between them.

In Hseni Township where Kokang insurgents MNDAA hold power, armed clashes occurred between the MNDAA and Shan insurgents SSPP from 26 to 27 March, as per reports. The two ethnic insurgent groups exchanged fire within Sel-U Village and Nampsalat Village in Hseni.

The Shan group SSPP released a statement that the Kokang group MNDAA initiated the military assaults by drones on the SSPP military column. In addition, the MNDAA troops with 200 forces shelled bombs by drones to the SSPP military camp over 50 times.

The SSPP claimed that it just took a defensive position against the MNDAA's offensive assault and it will make effort to conduct dialogue for the ethnic reconciliation.

The SSPP affirmed that it will respond effectively against the MNDAA if the ongoing conflict cannot be solved through the dialogue means between the SSPP and the MNDAA, the statement said.

Hseni Township is one of the townships in Shan State that the Union Government announced martial law.

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