Buddhism assaulted by barbarians in Myanmar under so-called revolution


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) - July 5

The number of Buddhist monks who have been killed by the PDF terrorists updated in mid-2024 reaching over 140 while 96 others were wounded by terroristic acts in Myanmar, according to the statistics released by Naypyidaw.

Major General Zaw Min Tun confirmed this horrific number in the Southeast Asian Buddhist country last week in his media briefing with regard to the accidental shot by security forces at an esteemed Buddhist monk in the conflict zone without acknowledging that the car was loaded with Sangha.

After 2021 political transition in the country, Buddhist monks and the Buddhism have been deliberately attacked by barbarians, who claim themselves as revolutionists, under 'different isms' allegedly as 'Informers/ military supporters/ or traitors'.

Most victims are the full-fledged monks or the presiding Sayadaws with old ages having resided many years of monkhood or vasa. The majority of those terrorist assaults happened in the Sagaing and Magway regions.

Sagaing, Magway, and Mandalay regions undoubtedly are the religious centers in Myanmar where Buddha sasana is most blossoming. Sagaing, with its hills and valleys, numerous temples, and caves dedicated to the Buddha is the best place for meditation, learning the Buddha's teachings, and fulfilling the religious goals with noiseless and peaceful. Now, such peaceful Sagaing has been turned into a full-graded conflict zone as proxy armed conflict was initiated by Christian KIA in the region.

Many venerable Buddhist Sayadaws were born or learned the Buddha's teachings or resided their monkhood mostly in Mandalay, Sagaing, and Magway regions throughout history until the present time.

Although over 140 Buddhist monks have been brutally killed in the terror assaults, there was/is no report of other religious leaders intentionally being killed.
On the auspicious days of Buddhists, the barbarians always try to prevent laypersons from going to pagodas, stupas, temples, and monasteries for dedicating pay homage.

The international community, NGOs, and UN-affiliated organizations have been silent upon the said extrajudicial killings of the Buddhist monks in Myanmar. Extrajudicial killings against Buddhist monks involve: some monks being beheaded; some being killed while having meals; some being dismembered; and many brutal ways the PDF terrorists.

Worst of all, the exile and international news media rarely reported such brutal and inhumane terroristic acts by the NUG/PDF terrorists. However, such subversive media reported many times about the last week incident of wrongfully shooting by the security forces at the car without recognizing that there were monks inside it.

In the incident, the car was driving at speed, and all windows were closed along the road in the highly intense conflict zone in Ngazun Township in Myingyan District, Mandalay Region. Although the security forces demanded to stop the car for inspection, the driver did not cooperate and drove, reports stated, resulting in the suspected vehicle being shot by the security forces in the conflict area.

With regard to the case, the IBEC Sayadaw remarked, “In the conflict area, the vehicle has to stop when the security forces asked or demanded to stop for inspection. The vehicle has to open the windows and doors if it is asked to do that. Then, potential danger may be reduced. Otherwise, there will be life-threatening situations when traveling in those highly intense conflict areas.”

The following figures are reported by the police after the 2021 political transition in Myanmar.
Buddhist monks brutally killed by the PDF terrorists year by year
2021 - 19
2022 - 44
2023 - 21
2024 - 9 (as of May)
Total - 93

Missing Buddhist monks abducted by the PDF terrorists year by year
2021 - 2
2022 - 18
2023 - 22
2024 - 3
Total - 45
Buddhist nun killed by PDF terrorists
2022 - 1 killed / 1 wounded
Total of death and missing – 140

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