Rally led by USDP protests against foreign interventions


Su / Myo Gyi (NP News) - May 17
A mass rally organized by the USDP (Union Solidarity and Development Party) was held to support peace process and to denounce foreign interference at TaBaung Field in Naypyidaw on 16 May.

The USDP spokesperson Thein Tun Oo told to NP News that peace is a critical factor to drive the country towards the proper democratic means.

“Bassed on the current conditions of our country, only through peace process can we achieve the democratic goal. Hence, peace is the most critical issue. The Chairman of State Administration Council has already invited the EAOs for peace talk. We support his attempt to build peace since peace is the necessary passage for the country” Thein Tun Oo added.

He also mentioned that this rally is to demonstrate the fact that we strongly denounce all the interferences from the foreign countries and external actors who are trying to hinder and disturb our peace process and internal affairs.

Thein Tun Oo also urged all Myanmar citizens to actively cooperate in peace building process unitedly with the constructive mindset and all the Myanmar Citizens are also responsible for peace building.

It is reported that more than 6000 people joined in the rally to support the peace process and denounce foreign interferences.

Bomb blasts were occured within Lewe township while the USDP party members were waiting for their cars to march in the rally.

According to the spokesperson, the demonstration area is pretty far from the bomb exploded spot, saying "We could not hear the explosion from the field but some of the people nearby said that they heard the explosion. Nothing can be confirmed yet."


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