RCSS and SAC make a crucial step in the peace process - Yawd Serk


NP News - May 22
Chairman of the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army General Yawd Serk remarks that the meeting of the RCSS/SSA and the State Administration Council on May 21 was an initial critical step towards the political talks and the peace process.

General Yawd Serk-led RCSS peace team met with the State Administration Council members and National Solidarity and Peace Negotiation Committee members in Naypyidaw on May 21.

All stakeholders have to try to conduct constitutional amendment that is based on the federal principles commonly agreed upon by all stakeholders. The RCSS accepted the peace invitation and attended with the purpose to resolve the political dilemma through political dialogue; building the federal democratic union in which ethnics have the right to ‘self-administration’, and resolving the current political crisis, he said.

General Yawd Serk said, “We could improve mutual trust and discussed constructively in yesterday's meeting between the RCSS and the SAC. We exchanged opinions and discussed the important affairs in the politics frankly and transparently involving issues related to federalism, democracy, multi-parties political system, scheming the future design of the union, and resolving the current political crisis altogether; and detailed plans for next meetings, process and procedures, and the time schedules.”

He continued that federal principles of the individual group have to be discussed and negotiated directly in the next meetings, saying “All have to try together for the constitutional amendment of the 2008 Constitution based on the federal principles which commonly agreed by all stakeholders; altering the administration system and security systems. We have to protect the union by taking responsibility collectively.”

RCSS/SSA and the SAC members continue convening the peace dialogue sessions on May 22.

RCSS/SSA is the first attending EAO in this peace talks period. New Mon State Party will meet with the SAC on May 23.


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