Whether election is possible depends on Tatmadaw’s capability


Khit/Myo (NP News) - May 27
The chairman of Union Solidarity and Development Party Than Htay said that the capacities and competency of the Tatmadaw have to be watched with confidence with respect to whether the election is possible or not.
The USDP chairman made this remark in an exclusive interview with the NP News.

State Administration Council’s Chairman pledged to the country and the world that the election will be held at any cost in accordance with the Constitution.

The ruling government seems to make its efforts to follow its promise to convene the election, he said.

“If the election is held, we will definitely run in it. If not, let me say, the civilian government or the political parties, had the country's power alternatively. They ruled the country. At that time, they committed mischief to maintain their power unlawfully. Those unlawful misdeeds are unacceptable. That’s why Tatmadaw temporarily took the country's power in accord with the mandate and its authority. That institution has the most ability to maintain this situation as well as it is an armed organization so it was mandated to get the power. Tatmadaw is the last stronghold for the country’s independence. If that strong institution failed to save the country, it will be doomsday. Unexpected unforeseeable situations will occur. Therefore, we have to watch the Tatmadaw’s capacities with confidence,” Than Htay said.

State Administration Council intends to convene the election in 2023. Union Election Commission is carrying out the voter list preparations.


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