PDF terrorists assassinate headmistress in Palaw, then sabotage her house


NP News – May 26

A female school principal of a secondary school from Palaw Township, Tanintharyi Region was shot to dead by PDF terrorists, according to a reliable source from Tanintharyi Region.

The incident happened on May 25 at an estimated 1 pm in Magyigone Village, Palaw.

The victim was identified the headmistress of BEMS (Kade), namely Su Latt Phyu, 34 years old. She was assassinated when she was coming back from the office of the Education Officer by four PDF terrorists.

Four PDF terrorists came with two motorbikes and shot when she arrived in front of her home.

The headmistress died on the spot from wounded in the head, according to the source.

Worse of all, the PDF terrorists exploded the house of the victim with mine, the source continued.

The PDF who are committing the war crimes in Myanmar murdered the headmistress Su Latt Phyu in Palaw in the time of school opening period. Currently, school admissions are being accepted nationwide and the schools are to be opened on June 1 across the country.

Many school teachers of both genders were brutally assassinated in Myanmar under Spring Revolution by the PDF terrorists who are committing the war crimes and crime against humanity.

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