MNA to operate cargo freights to regional countries soon


Khit / Yoon (NP News) – Sep 18

Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) plans to launch cargo freight schedules to regional countries soon.

The Chairman of the State Administration Council (SAC), Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, addressed it during his speech at the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Ceremony of the MNA held at the Melia Hotel in Bahan Township, Yangon on September 16.

“We are expected to carry out the air cargo transportation services since the MNA is planning to launch the cargo freights to regional countries soon. The country’s export and import sectors will be promoted if routes are expanded in the goods transportation schedules. It will help improving the country’s economy,” he said.

Senior General also urged to increase the number of aircraft and flight schedules.

Since late 2019, the economy of every country has declined due to the fast-spreading Covid-19 epidemic. Amongst, air travel was also greatly affected.

Myanmar National Airlines was established on September 15, 1948, under the name of "Union of Burma Airways - UBA" when Myanmar gained independence.

Then, in 1972, the name was changed to "Burma Airways Corporation-BAC"; to "Myanmar Airways - MA" in 1989; and "Myanmar National Airlines - MNA" in 2015.

Currently, it flies to Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, and India, as well as chartered flights to Bodh Gaya at the time being.

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