PDF terrorists write intimidating words at school


NP News – Sep 19

The PDF terrorist group under exiled NUG command, wrote threatening words at a school where 187 students were attending. Therefore, the school is closed temporarily.

The incident happened on September 15 at an estimated 2 am at the post-primary school in Yantaung village located in Thayet Chaung township, according to the statement released by the Myanmar Police Force.

As per reports, 6 PDF terrorists came by 3 motorcycles to the post-primary school and wrote threatening words on the walls.

In addition, those PDF terrorists left one M 16 bullet, one 9 MM bullet, and 2 red sprays as signs of thereat.

At that school, 11 schoolteachers have been teaching 187 students in Yantaung village. At present, the school has to be closed for the safety of schoolteachers and children.

The security forces are investigating the incident and have been operating to arrest those PDF terrorists who committed the abovementioned crime blocking the right to education for children.

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