300 people stuck on ringway of Lashio due to clashes; food urgently needed


Khit/ Saw (NP News) – Nov 7

Civilians, approximately 300, are being stuck on the ring road of Lashio City due to the clashes happening in the surrounding. As per information, those who stuck on the way urgently need foods at the time.

They have bee stuck since 27th October on the ringway, according to a Lashio-based charity.

“As far as I know, they have been stuck since October 27. Some stay in their cars. Some stay at the petrol shop which is still being constructed. Some at the food shops. According to the survey that was taken yesterday, there were over 200 travelers who are stuck on the ringway,” a member of the charity told NP News.

Charity organizations in Lashio offered more than 400 lunchboxes to them on 6th November.

Three alliance insurgent groups including Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army and Arakan Army commenced armed attack against cities and towns since 27th October.

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