Overflow at refugee camp on Myanmar-China borderline cause IDPs difficulties


NP News – Nov 20

Flood and overflow occurred at the camp for the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) located on the borderline between Myanmar and China near Border Post 125 where over 30,000 IDPs are taking shelters.

On October 27th, three alliance groups of TNLA, AA led by the Kokang insurgent MNDAA, launched an attack in northeastern Shan State.

As a result of those armed conflicts, local residents are forced to abandon their homes and experience displacement. Presently, over 30,000 internally displaced individuals have sought refuge at the BP 125 IDP camp on the Myanmar–China border.

Since November 16th, the Kokang region has experienced persistent rain and drizzling, causing floods in specific areas of the camp and posing challenges for transportation and access due to muddy roads filled with puddles.

A local resident from Kokang said, "The roads used by the IDPs are flooded and muddy, yet we still have to use them. The conditions are terrible, presenting numerous challenges in our daily activities, from accommodation to transportation. Additionally, there's a shortage of drinking water and electricity supply."

There is currently a substantial demand for drinking water and electricity supply, as reported.

There is a projection that the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is likely to increase due to the ongoing armed conflicts between three insurgents and the Myanmar Military.

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