Escalating hostilities in Muse 105-Mile Trade Zone: Civilian casualties rise, mass displacement reported


NP News - Nov 29

As hostilities escalate near the Muse 105-mile trade zone in northern Shan State, the numbers of civilian casualties rises daily that lead more than 80 percent of local population have left.

In recent days, the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and their allied terrorists launched attacks on the Myanmar Military's 105-mile strategic station, utilizing a significant number of aerial dropped bombs.

As a result of the attack, artillery shells and various types of weapons fell and exploded in Mineyu village, which is located near the military strategic station and within the 105-mile trade zone.

One of the local people from Muse said to NP News "The situation is horrifying. Since yesterday, there have been numerous explosions and gunshots. There is a trade zone and a military station near our Mineyu village. In recent days, there have been repeated airstrikes on that location. The bombs fell within the trade zone, causing fires and damages. Yesterday, pedestrians on the streets were shot and injured, but it is unknown who the shooters were. My nephew was also shot and injured. He is now in the hospital."

As a result of the attack, the rate of civilian casualties upsurge in a daily basis.

Local residents continued expressing, "More and more patients are coming to the hospital. Some of them passed away shortly after reaching the hospital. Just this morning, numerous wounded persons arrived at the hospital. Two civilians lost their lives near the trade zone, and another passed away upon reaching the hospital. Witnessing all this really breaks my heart. I just want to cry. The loss of lives due to selfishness and greed weighs heavily on my heart. I feel profound sadness for all those affected."

It is also reported that non-State armed troops are presumed to be planting mines within the village of Mineyu near the trade zone.

Amid these intensifying hostilities, roughly 80 percent of the local populations residing in and around the 105-mile trade zone have abandoned their homes, becoming displaced, and relocating to Muse Township.

A villager from Mineyu shared with NP News, "Yesterday, another 50 to 60 percent of local residents moved to Muse. As the insurgent forces draw dangerously close to the village, civilians are compelled to flee. The overall evacuation has reached nearly 80 percent of the local populace, amounting to possibly more than 5000 civilians. Since the onset of hostilities, people have been gradually evacuating, leaving behind only a handful to safeguard their houses. People whose houses are equipped with bomb shelters and whose houses are constructed with reinforced concrete do."

As per local accounts, the conflict between the Myanmar military and TNLA alliance groups is escalating in the vicinity of the 105-mile trade zone.

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