New solar projects to be constructed near Thapyaywa Solar Power Plant


Su / Myo Gyi (NP News) - May 18
According to the Union Minister of the Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Energy Thaung Han, new solar projects are planned to be constructed near Thapyaywa Solar Power Plant to fulfill the country’s electricity deficiency.

The minister told this information during his inspection visit to Thapyaywa Solar Power Plant located near Thapyaywa Village in Tharzi Township, Mandalay Region on 15 May.

Clean Power Energy Company developed Thapyaywa Solar Power Plant 30 MW, currently functioning operations.

The minister told that more solar projects have to be implemented across the country since Myanmar has favourable conditions for solar power generation.

More solar projects will be built on the vacant and virgin lands located near the Thapyaywa Solar Power Plant soon, according to the minister.

He urged to conduct preparations for transmitting the installed capacity to the national grid through Thapyaywa’s main station.

Thapyaywa Solar Power Plant, the second largest solar power plant in the country, is situated on 133.44 acres of land near Thapyaywa Village in Tharzi Township generating more than 200,000 kWh per day.

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