KIA and PDF commit offensive treatments against Shanni ethnic: Shanni Army says


NP News - Sep 22

Shanni National Army (SNA) released a press statement yesterday (September 21) to the public, internal and external armed forces, human rights organizations, and internal and external bodies.

The statement notified that Shanni ethnics are endangered to extinction due to the offensive attacks committed by the Kachin Independence Army and NUG-installed PDFs.

“Today, the KIAs are raising and training local PDF with the consent of the NUG, they are accelerating the genocide plan against Shanni nationals. The Shanni regions occupied in Kachin State and Sagaing Region have been subjected to inhumane killings, forced torture, forced servitude, and forcibly pay extortion,” the statement expresses.

On September 4, a Shanni ethnic Buddhist monk was killed in Banmauk by KIA and PDF troops after the joint forces of KIA and PDF abducted the monk from the monastery.

Shanni communities demanded KIA and PDF including the NUG (shadow government) effective responsibility for killing the monk.

Again on June 25, the patron of Shanni Literature and Cultural Committee Than Phay was shot to kill at his home located in Haungpa Village of Hpakant Township, Mohnyin District in Kachin State by, again, KIA and PDF joint forces.

In early June, a member of the youth cultural committee of Shanni was abducted by the KIA troops.

Aggressive assaults on Shanni ethnics have been occurring since the establishment of the KIA in the territories where Shanni ethnics are the majority, especially in Sagaing’s Homalin, Hkamti, and Banmauk townships and Mohnyin, Mogaung, Myitkyina and Banmaw townships in Kachin State.

“Shanni ethnics have been the victims for many years under the aggressive killings and offenses of the KIA under ‘Eradication of Ethnic Minorities Project (1960/61) against Shanni nationals’ in many ways,” the statement said.

Shanni communities captured information that the KIA gave the order in Kachin language to the troops of KIA and PDF at the front lines to kill all of the Shanni nationals including children, adults, elders and monks if captured, the statement said.

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