Authorities grant fuel import from borderline due to delay fuel arrival in towns


NP News - Sep 26

Fuel arrivals in some towns were delayed and therefore the Ministry of Commerce allowed public to carry fuel from the borderline.

The committee of supervising on fuel import and distribution is carrying out necessary processes to deliver fuel supply in states and regions together with Fuel Import and Distribution Association.

Allocation of fuel quota to townships is carried out based on the fuel stock balance remaining at filling station, the ministry said.

Fuel boxer trucks and water carrying truck that headed to townships for fuel distribution were frequently attacked and grabbed by the terrorists; and therefore, fuel distribution doesn’t reach in time to the towns, the ministry said.

Therefore, in order to fulfill fuel requirements in states and regions, the ministry allows fuel transportation from borderline with approval of the respective state and region governments, the ministry said.

At present, price of premium diesel per liter in Yangon is 2,730 Ks. while it is 3,735 Ks. in Kengtung, Shan State. Therefore, average discrepancy between Yangon and other cities and towns range 1,000 and over 1,000 Ks.

Fuel shortage and soaring prices occurred in previous months in Myanmar. On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce notified that actions will be taken if selling fuel at prices higher than reference rate set by the commission.

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