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Tun MT (NP News) - Jan 20
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Having a rich heritage, cultural traditions and picturesque scenes in both land and water territories, the Southeast Asian country - Myanmar is said to be still a virgin for either incoming investments in her tourism sector or choice as the tour destination.

Here we go to which places in Myanmar are still fresh and pristine travel destinations.

Myeik Archipelago

Myeik Archipelago (also called Mergui Archipelago) is a group of islands located in the far south of Myanmar as part of the Andaman Sea. It comprises more than 800 remote islands of varying sizes. Have not yet been touched by mass tourism, the islands in the archipelago have pristine white-sand beaches and diverse marine life. The water course is connected with and joins Indochina. Therefore, it can be said that the coral reefs in the Southeast Asian coastal lines originated from Myeik Archipelago. It’s time to uncover the breathtaking views of the Myeik Archipelago.

Fairyland in the southern deep (or) King Island

With the spectacular shorelines, a secret paradise exists somewhere in the middle of the deep blue sea of the Andaman on the edge of Myanmar’s water territory. It is known as ‘King Island’. Located in the northwest of and 36 sea miles away from Myeik City, the island exists at 12°38’52.1” N 98°12’50.0” E.

The beach, on King Island, has both sandy and rocky features. The sand with its white and soft touch makes the island renowned in the region.

The island was discovered in 2015 by Blue Ocean Star Resort and Travel Company to make it an eco-tourism destination. Therefore, the visitors are prohibited to reckless in throwing their garbage; cutting trees; and dynamite fishing.

You can enjoy the activities of your choice on this eco-friendly island of having 265 acres whether hiking or trekking or even snorkeling.

Heaven on earth (or) Smart Island

You will find a sand beach on one side and a pebble beach on another side of the island on it. What is more, its transparent water appearance, rocks, caves, forest, and colorful pebbles and stones are the key features of it.

Well, you can also see bats in the caves.

A rhyme in the verse of nature is sounded when the wave crashes the pebbles and stones on the beach.

We have learned that a total of 13 tycoons are trying to get the Smart Island. The government yet not decided on this wonderful land.


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