World Leading Destructive Alliance Targets Myanmar Oil and Gas Market Downsizing


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) – May 5

The Norwegian lobby fund recently announced an exclusion of two gas firms run by Korean and Indian State-owned Enterprises over investments in Myanmar citing ethical concerns, according to imperialist propagandist ‘Reuters’ News.

In the point of ethical issue, the American’s partner Norway should recall what its navy assisted in the CIA’s conspiracy to explode the Nord Stream last year.

With the link to its own economic interests, accomplishment of the ‘Nord Stream’ conspiracy helped Norway increasing its natural gas exports to Europe significantly, reports said.

Instead of blaming Myanmar and the foreign investors in Myanmar in different sectors, the American’s partner Norway should point its finger at itself for committing such war crime against Russia’s pipeline in the Baltic Sea in response to the Ukraine crisis.

Another point is that the West funded entities including watch groups and news media, with politically motives, propagate and defame that the Myanmar’s oil and gas industry is collapsing; and are forcing investors to withdraw their assets from the related market of the Southeast Asian country.

Propaganda and disinformation play major weapons in imposing sanction on the nations that aren’t willing to vow the American and the West bloc’s hegemonic influence.

“Although they issued statement or excluded from their fund or whatsoever, it doesn’t really impact on the ground operations. In reverse, such controversial sanctions against the state-run enterprises no matter in the oilfield industry or whatsoever will actually encourage the dedollarization gradually in the future. Myanmar has potential developments in energy and industrial sectors. Those deterrents and threats against Myanmar offshore are nothing more than just the political tools enforced by the West group,” one who currently operates in the local oil and gas drilling sector remarks.

Rich in oil and gas deposits, Myanmar, despite of being a least developing country, started the petroleum business since dating back to 1850s. However, the controversial sanctions and isolation by the American leading West bloc in 1990s impeded the country’s oil and gas potentialities in the past.

Regardless of the imperialist propaganda, Myanmar discovered potentialities in the development of the hydrocarbon sector at the time being.

The Chairman of the State Administration Council, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, disclosed at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Russia that possible deposits of gas are there in Myanmar sea territory of the Bay of Bengal; global business entrepreneurs are eager to invest in Myanmar’s oil and natural gas sector.

Last but not least, the two SOE gas firms that the Norwegian bank accused of linking with Myanmar military with their investments: Korea’s KOGAS and India’s GAIL, possess 8.5% stakes respectively in Shwe Gas Project following Daewoo International (South Korea) 51%, ONGC Videsh (India) 17%, and Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) 15%.

In point of fact, both KOGAS and GAIL are involved as the major operators in the gas export from Myanmar’s Rakhine State to China’s Yunnan Province via 2,800 km overland pipeline. As per information, the project plans to export 400 million cubic feet of gas per day to China while 100 million cubic feet of gas would be distributed domestic.

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