Memorial statue named "Allies of Myanmar Warriors" unveiled in Russia


Khit / Yoon (NP News) – Aug 22

The memorial statue with the name of “Allies of Myanmar Warriors” fought in World War II was opened on 14 August at the Patriot Park of Kubinka, Moscow District, where the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is located in Russia, according to the State Administration Council.

To the event, Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister for Defense Admiral Tin Aung San and relevant officials including the delegation led by army, navy, air attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Union of Myanmar Brigadier General Moe Kyaw.

The installation of the statue is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Myanmar which fell in 2023 and reveals the strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

In addition, a monument named "Allies Myanmar Warriors" was erected at the outdoor display of the Allied Soldiers to honor the Myanmar military personnel who sacrificed their lives in the anti-fascist revolution during World War II.

The statue was sculpted by M.B Grekova art studio in Moscow and was suggested by the Minister of Defense of Russia, Army General Sergey Kuzugetovich Shoigu.

The SAC stated that the erection of the statue of "Allies Myanmar Warriors" in Russia represents the spirit of brotherhood cooperation between the two countries, which will not be faded.

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