Ancient Wazira Cinema to be renovated into National Red Carpet Theatre with China assistance


NP News – Aug 25

The Union Minister for Information Maung Maung Ohn notified that the ancient Wazira Cinema will be renovated into the National Red Carpet Theatre getting assistance from China.

He addressed it during the trip to Kunming, China on August 18 while meeting with China Global Television Net (CGTN).

Myanmar and China have been living in coexistence as the neighbours and the bilateral relationship has been boosted to the Pauk Phaw friendship.

There are many projects being negotiated to upgrade with China aid including the National Theatre and Thuwanna Stadium, the Union Minister said.

Wazira Cinema is another project to be modernized with China assistance.

The minister said, “We are going to refurnish the Art Center, Wazira Cinema and Film Archive with technological and idea assistance from China. Those projects will be undertaken under exchanging culture for friendship program.”

Wazira Cinema is one of the heritages located in Yangon. It has 115’ x 140’ area. It was set up in 1920 and the most ancient art stage in Myanmar. Its former names were Excelsior in 1920, A1 Cinema in 1942 and Wazira in 1968.

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