Tatmadaw conducts clearing landmines in Mongmit after seizing the town from non-State troops


NP News – Jan 29

The State Administration Council (SAC) claimed that the Myanmar Tatmadaw has seized Mongmit Town from three non-State troops: Kachin insurgent (KIA), Ta’ang insurgent (TNLA) and the PDF terrorists; and now the Tatmadaw is conducting clearing landmines operations within the town.

Those three non-State troops: KIA insurgents, TNLA insurgents and PDF terrorists raided the security outposts in Mongmit Town with disproportionately massive troops on 18 January. The three armed troops also committed abducting, killing, extortion, and torching and mining the hospital, schools, residential houses and departmental buildings.

Thus, there were a total of 16 times of fire exchange between the Tatmadaw and them. On 27 January, the Tatmadaw operation columns regained the town. The insurgents and terrorists retreated to north, north-east and east of Mongmit Town, the SAC stated.

There were casualties from the Tatmadaw side during the clashes. Also, dead bodies and weapons from the enemy sides were also captured in the conflict.

The SAC also affirmed that the town was damaged a lot and many buildings in the towns were destroyed by the terroristic acts since the KIA, TNLA and PDF built bunkers by taking covers by houses, religious sites and departmental buildings.

At present, the Tatmadaw is conducting clearing the landmines planted by the insurgents and terrorists to prevent injuring the public.

Also, the Tatmadaw is carrying out fixing the damages to come back the people who left the town for war.

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