Proxy conflicts forthcoming in southeast Myanmar after Cobra Gold 2024


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) - Mar 20

It has been 43 years that the military exercises annually conducted between United States and its satellite countries in Southeast Asia and Asia countries: the Cobra Gold since its first establishment in 1982.

This year exercise is involved by the US, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. It has been commenced on 27 February to 8 March. As per reports, more than 4,500 servicemen from the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines are reportedly particip­ating in the exercise.

It goes without saying that after the Cobra Gold exercise, series of armed conflicts will be emerged again in the areas of Myanmar territorially connecting with Thailand that adds the fuel in the ongoing civil war of Myanmar since weapons and ammunitions will be gifted to the insurgent and terrorist troops in Myanmar who are waiting those weapons excreted by the Cobra Gold via the CIA organizations such as Free Burma Rangers.

The Free Burma Rangers have already firmly taken footholds in Kayin and Kayah States instigating more flames in Myanmar. Its role usually becomes highlighted in the time of exercising the Cobra Gold in Thailand.

The Free Burma Rangers, despite its deceptive outward function as the Christian multinational humanitarian aid and advocacy organization, provides military trainings, explosive device equipping techniques and foods to the youths in Myanmar who joined the armed insurgency in states and regions especially in Kayin and Kayah states. What is more, led by the former US military member David Eubank, the Free Burma Rangers involved in war conflicts happened across the globe, especially in Ukraine. Reports also stated that the Free Burma Rangers used Myanmar PDFs in Ukraine war to train them with real frontline experience.

The rangers also conduct docume­nting such as interviews, photo takings and video recordings for spreading propaganda and disinformation to the world. They do these by staying independently along the Myanmar-Thai border which means Thai authorities neglect or favour them providing opportunities to stay free taking shelters in Thai land.

The Free Burma Rangers, although being titled under humanitarian and assistance organization, reports said injured personnel from Tatmadaw are being exploited and tortured by them. Worst of all, they even involved in real clashes not in the frontline but as the commander by mapping the strategies and ways of attacking routes.

No matter how much he claims that his group operates with ‘no safety rules’ in Myanmar, another report states that a total of 59 rangers were killed in gunshots, mortar attacks, air strikes or other actions by the Myanmar Military. It clearly says that its group physically involved in the crossfire in Myanmar, especially in Kayah and Kayin states fighting between Myanmar Military and the terrorists and insurgent groups.

Generally, it is not newsy that the ex-US military personnel involve in foreign conflicts around the world personally in the frontline or in the manipulation roles though they title themselves under the humanitarian and medical assistants.

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