Chin State government to provide 3000 L for Konjac cultivations


Khine/Myo (NP News) - May 16
Chin State regional government is implementing a plan to subsidize Konjac plantation farmers in Chin State. The grant is initiated by the demand from the Konjac farmer. According to Dr. Wah Wah Maung, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, the government is going to grant a total of 3000 Lakh (more than 160,000 USD) to these Konjac plantation farmers.

A Meeting of the Working Committee to address the impact of COVID-19 on the national economy (3/2022) was held on 13 May. During the meeting, a plan for delivering loans for the Konjac plantations in Chin state was discussed.

Dr. Wah Wah Maung added, “The Chin State government intends to export Konjac. The total amount of the loan will be MMK 3000 L (approximately 160,000 USD). Grant will be delivered after the central has approved. It will be within one week.”

The loan will be granted from the committee’s fund - 200 billion MMK that was addressed for COVID-19 recovery on the national economy. The loan term is regarded as one year with a 1 percent interest rate.

In Myanmar, Konjac is commonly grown in Kayin State, Kachin State, Mon State, Northern, and Southern Shan State, Sagaing Region, Tanintaryi Region, Bago Region, Ayeyarwaddy Region, and Magway Region. They grow naturally and abundantly in the humid soil under the shady trees.

In the previous January, a total of 20 businessmen proposed to grant about one billion MMK to the working committee in accord with the approval of the Rakhine State government.

The working committee to address the impact of COVID-19 on the national economy is delivering loans to various business and economic sectors.

The Konjac is also known as Elephant Foot Yam or White Yam and its scientific name is Amorphophallus Campanulatus.

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