New China-Myanmar railway possibly become important economic corridor for bilateral trade


Khit / Myo Gyi (NP News) - May 25
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remarks that the new special railway schedules between China and Myanmar, referring ‘Chongqing-Lanchang-Myanmar’ international special railway, could be an important new economic corridor for boosting the bilateral trade.

Consulate General of Myanmar in Chongqing Zaw Lin Oo attended the event of official launch of the new railway on May 23.

It is the first rail-road combination transport between China’s Chongqing and Myanmar.

The special train will carry solar equipment and other related accessories from Chongqing to Lanchang; then to Mandalay passing through Chinshwehaw by truck.

Since the mentioned rail-road transport is the shortest communication channel for trade and transportation between Myanmar and China, it will be an important new economic corridor.

The special train will start from the Lingchang border checkpoint in Yunnan Province; and will arrive in Mandalay in 15 days later by rail-road transport system. It will be 20 days lesser than normal trade route between Chongqing and Myanmar, reducing the capital flow of goods by 20 percent, Chinese embassy in Myanmar estimates.

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