Residential wards in Hpakant flooded with heavy rain, high water level of Uyu River


NP News - June 14
Because the Uyu River increases in water level due to incessant rains, it is reported that five residential wards in Hpakant, Kachin State were flooded; and residents need food supplies.

Floods occurred in low-lying lands and areas near creeks. Especially the residential wards including Ayemyatharyar, Mashika Htaung, Myoma, and Ngepyawtaw quarters were flooded.

According to current data, at least 2,000 are affected by the floods. Charitable organizations aided and provided food for the flood victims, according to the residents.

“We have plans to provide necessary aid to the flood victims on behalf of the government. Flood occurs every year. We are reported no causality so far. There have been incidents in the past in which more than 200 were dead. So we have to be alert. The disaster management team is carrying out rescue plans at its functional units,” said Win Ye Tun, a spokesperson of the Kachin State government told the NP News.

Detail figures of flood victims have not been reported to the regional government yet.

Low-lying areas in Hpakant are usually flooded in the rainy season every year.

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