All-inclusiveness only solution of political concurrence – Saw Mra Raza Linn


NP News - June 16
Vice-chairperson of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) Saw Mra Raza Linn told that only the way in which all stakeholders involved in the conflict will generate the political agreement saying ‘the peace talk invited by the SAC Chair is a mere first stage of the ongoing process of the political dialogue that needs to be carried out.

The vice-chair of the ALP told this message when she met with the government peace negotiation team led by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in the peace talk.

“I hereby attend this talk intending to formulate step by step plan-executions to resolve the current political crisis to build the federal democratic union which full guarantees for the right to liberty, right to equality and justice, and right to empower,” said Saw Mra Raza Linn.

She suggested the crucial union Constitutional amendment has to be conducted by all stakeholders to attain the genuine federal union that is accepted by all; and the constitutional amendment specifically related to individual state/region shall be done and finished within a period of time.

“I believe that political concurrence will be achieved by discussing all stakeholders that are involved in the crisis no-discriminating NCA-signatory or non-signatory. I presume right attitude will bring achievement,” she said.

The SAC and the ALP have signed the covenant terms that were agreed in three-day peace talk on June 15, according to the statement by the SAC.

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