Drone attack in Myaing killing 5-month old child, a woman, injuring 4


NP News - June 24
A five-month old child and a woman were killed in deadly drone detonation in Myaing, Magwe Region on June 22 injuring four, according to statement by State Administration Council on June 23.

Bombs-carrying drones were dropped by the PDFs on villagers’ houses in Htanbutaw Village, Myaing Township. The bomb exploded in front of the house of a carpenter named ‘U Sein Maung’. Family got serious injury. A five-month old child and a woman were dead from blast injuries when they arrived at hospital, said the statement.

Drone detonation on post-primary school occurred on June 9 in Shwebo, Sagaing Region demaging the school buildings.

Regarding the drone attack, Maj. Gen. Zaw Min Tun told, “How accurate they are when they deliver bombs with the drones. It needs to consider wind speed or the land height. Inaccurate target will kill civilians.”



Kyaw Kyaw

24/06/2022 13:39

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