Terrorists set immigration office on fire in Yephyu, Tanintharyi


NP News - Mar 16

Seven #PDF_terrorists torched the immigration office located in Yephyu Township, Tanintharyi Region on March 15 at an estimated 7 pm.

A reliable source who witnessed the incident told NP News that the office was set ablaze by pouring gasoline when three staff were working inside the office.

The whole office was destroyed by the fire including documents and other fixed assets. There was no security force at the office at the incident time. Staff run; therefore, they weren’t abducted by the PDF terrorists, according to the source.

The State Administration Council (SAC) declared to convene the General Election in 2023 or 2024 under the Proportional Representative electoral system. After the SAC pledged to hold a fresh election, many immigration offices across the countries were torched and destroyed by PDF terrorists.

As per information, the documents that were destroyed in the fire were mostly the records related to the previous 2020 Election of the voter statistics older than 100 years old. Investigations found that a total of more than 20,000 centenarian voters cast in frauded 2020 Election.

Many civil servants from the Immigration Department and General Administration Department who were involved in collecting ground population statistics for the preparation of the preliminary voters list were killed, across many townships, by the PDF terrorists to bar the election.

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