Myanmar looking for areas to promote Blue Economy development


Hsu/Yoon (NP News) – Mar 24

The Union Minister for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation said that they are hunting for potential investment areas where Blue Economy can be developed.

Union Minister Khin Maung Yee addressed it during the hybrid meeting held at St. Petersburg of the Russian Federation on 22nd March.

It is also notified that there are four marine conservation areas in Myanmar and conservations on mangrove forests, ecosystem of the coastal areas, biodiverse life and environmental protections are being conducted now.

The Union Minister also said that the Lampi Marine National Park was stipulated as an ASEAN Heritage in 2003 for the sake of environmental protection.

Located in the Myeik Archipelago, the Lampi Marine National Park is one of the 43 protected areas of Myanmar and the only marine national park in Myanmar.

It is reported that for the time being, the National Coastal Resource Management Central Committee is prioritizing and encouraging the investment sectors that can strengthen or empower the development of blue economy.

The Union Minister also said that they are developing Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) system in which the perspectives of the development of coastal areas, the extraction of resources in a sustainable manner and the preservation of biodiversity in coastal region are all considered and integrated.

The development of National Plastic Action Plan is reportedly on going to eliminate the accumulation of litter in marine areas.

Union Minister Khin Maung Yee continued saying that Myanmar will continue its international coordination and cooperation for the preservation and conservation of costal and marine ecosystem.

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