Chin insurgents fuel more flame Manipur conflicts in India


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) – Aug 17

Beyond the internal politics, the ethnic ties of Kuki-Zo-Chin clan across the region of Indian Myanmar borderline are the catalysts driving a headache to both India and Myanmar authorities.

The point is that the insurgents from Myanmar especially Chin rebels, Chin National Front (CNF) armed forces, Chinland Defense Force (CDF), Arakan Army (AA) and even PDF terrorists are getting shelters on India’s land since 2021 coup that have been stirring instabilities of both countries.

Now in 2023, even the Indian regional politics has been contaminated by those rebels and terrorists that influx from Myanmar. Although New Delhi and Meitei leaders recognize that source of conflicts of the ongoing unrest in Manipur, the regional politicians in India border autonomous states with the Kuki-Zo-Chin bloodline cover and protect those same blooded rebels from Myanmar.

The MP of the Mizoram State representing the Mizo National Front, K. Vanlalvena, who generous to host 40,000 refugees from Myanmar in his State, defended in a recent days that the Myanmar refugees had never created any problems or trouble since 2021. He addressed it countering the Indian Home Minister’s statement in parliament last week that ‘Kukis from Myanmar contributed to the present ethnic tension in Manipur’.

Another point that shouldn’t be left in consideration is that the current Chief Minister of the Mizoram State, Zoramthanga from Mizo National Front, took shelter and hid in Myanmar within Chin State while he was an opposition and once a rebel to India.

Recently reported plan by the Indian Government to potential biometric passports to cross-border migrants from Myanmar is expected to assist in stabilizing the clashes in India’s Manipur and terrorist plots in Sagaing, Chin and Magway regions since the plan would halt or bar influx of Myanmar armed groups into India side together with the civilian refugees.

All terrorists and insurgents inflowing towards India and taking shelters in India land – involving Arakan Army, CNF, CDF, and even PDF terrorists – were trained by Christian-dominated Kachin Independence Army (KIA) which takes advantages from China as it shares territory with China.

The Indian former Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane recently remarked the Manipur crisis as gaining momentum is played by involvement of foreign agencies which hinted the role of Chinese aid to various insurgent groups.

Those insurgent groups that share ethnic ties with the communities in Mizoram and Manipur not only fighting back Myanmar as hideout in India land but also financing from poppy cultivation, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other trans-boundary crimes along the borderline of India with Myanmar’s Chin State and Sagaing Region.

As a matter of fact, the insurgent and terrorist groups in Myanmar take part as the key barrier to development projects between Myanmar and India including the trilateral highway project of India-Myanmar-Thailand, progress of which is delayed in Myanmar side due to the unrest and urban guerilla wars instigated by those terrorists wearing civilian outfits.

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