Chief of Brigade-7 of KNU to make efforts for peace based on NCA


NP News - Sep 17

The Chief of brigade-7 for Karen National Union (KNU), Hpa-An district will make efforts for peace based on the NCA since the KNU didn’t officially announced the NCA was dissolved, according to his message.

The Chief of Hpa-An KNU brigade-7 namely Saw Aung Maw A made a message to the relevant KNU officials as abovementioned on September 14.

The purpose to sign the NCA and to find solution for political conflict by political means are the claims by KNU, he said.

The KNU congress clearly stated that the political problem should be resolved through political means.

Since the KNU has not officially declared that the NCA was annulled, the Brigade-7 Hpa-An district will act based on the NCA to achieve regional stability and internal peace, according to Saw Aung Maw A.

However, during KNU's press conference held on August 10, the KNU General Secretary Pado Sawtado Muu stated that there is no reason to follow the NCA as NCA was annulled.

There were 10 ethnic armed organizations- KNU, PNLO, DKBA, ALP, LDU, RCSS, NMSP, ABSDF, CNF and KNU/KNLA-PC.

Currently, there are 7 EAOs holding peace talks with the government on the NCA, and the remaining (3) KNU, CNF, and ABSDF are fighting with the Tatmadaw, who have deviated from the NCA path.

The Chairman of the State Administration Council, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing also announced that the NCA is a historic firmly contract that will never be annulled.

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