Commodities plan to transport from Myitnge to Thilawa ports


Khit / Saw (NP News) – Dec 8

Deputy Prime Minister and Union Minister of Planning and Finance, U Win Shein said that plans are being arranged to transport commodities directly from Mandalay (Myitnge) to Yangon (Thilawa) port by train.

The Deputy Prime Minister addressed it in his speech during the visit to KM DRY PORT and Resources Group DRY PORT located in East Dagon Township, Yangon Region.

If the plans are successful, there will be many opportunities for transportations, and it will also be more convenient upon using the cargo box for transportation.

He also urged to widely use the currently used e-lock system, and to use the X-Ray machines to inspect goods at inland ports in near future.

At present, the inland port site is located near the manufacturing zone, therefore, there are many opportunities for trading.

He urged that the inland port business should not only be used locally, also to be able to connect with the international community. In Thailand and Vietnam, inland port business is already developing and it is necessary to make effort to work in connection with those countries.

In addition, the Union Minister Win Shein ordered that it is necessary for Myanmar to be a hub in Southeast Asia's transportation route and to take advantage of opportunities.

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