Myanmar repatriated over 11,000 Chinese citizens within a month


Hsu/ Yoon (NP News) – Dec 8

As per the State Administration Council's announcement, over 11,000 Chinese citizens have reportedly been repatriated to the Chinese government within one month.

The SAC released the news on 6th December.

The report indicates that the repatriation process for Chinese citizens who entered illegally through border area and resided in Myanmar was started on 31 October.

In the course of the repatriation process, on December 6th, a total of 68 Chinese male illegal migrants and nine female illegal migrants, amounting to 77 individuals, were repatriated.

Therefore, a total of 10,030 male and 1,230 female illegal Chinese migrants, 11,260 individuals in total, have been repatriated to the respective authorities of the Chinese Government from October 31st to December 6th, the SAC stated.

The SAC has been carrying out repatriations for illegal migrants entering Myanmar through border areas.

Furthermore, ministerial discussions between Myanmar and China were conducted to enhance coordination and cooperation for security and stability along the Myanmar-China border areas, as well as to address issues such as the eradication of illegal drug trading, human trafficking, and online scams.

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