Terrorists plot to bomb the construction of Yangon Central Pavilion


Khit (NP News) - April 2

The PDF terrorists plotted to detonate the construction of the Yangon Central Pavilion at the Yangon City Hall on the Mahabandoola Road for the upcoming Myanmar traditional Thingyan Festival (Water Festival).

Two remote-control bombs were found within the construction area in the black backpack on 24 March at around 7 am.

The plotted scene of placing mines was recorded by a CCTV near the Yangon Central Pavilion. In the CCTV record, two men of the middle age came with a black backpack and left it in the construction zone of the pavilion which is restricted to pass. Unfortunately, the faces of criminals can’t be identified in the CCTV record.

The security forces deactivated the bomb. Together with the bomb, there were accessories of explosive devices and gunpowder.

The security forces have been investigating the case and checking the CCTV record to arrest those two PDFs who plotted the deathly scene at the pavilion in public. As a matter of fact, the surrounding area of the Yangon City Hall is a very crowded area where thousands of people from different walks of life pass through daily from morning to evening.

Since 2022, the PDF terrorists have been attempting to explode the Yangon City Hall Pavilion with deathly plots every year to destroy the traditional Thingyan Festival. However, the authorities and security forces could prevent and save lives.

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