K-Pop and Russian vocalist Nika Dubik adds splash of excitement to Naypyidaw's Thingyan Water Festival


Hsu/ Khit (NP News) - April 9

The Thingyan Water Festival of 2024 in Naypyidaw promises to be a vibrant celebration, with international participation confirmed by the Naypyidaw City Development Committee.

Festival-goers can expect exciting entertainment featuring popular K-Poppers from South Korea, the renowned Russian vocalist Nika Dubik, and a host of other celebrities.

For a truly unique experience, the water festival participants can explore the water pavilions set up by the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. These pavilions promise entertainment and cultural immersion, making Naypyidaw’s Thingyan Festival an unforgettable celebration for all.

The festival is orchestrated by the government to usher in the Myanmar New Year, spreading joy to the public and ministerial staff alike. As part of the festivities, the Walking Thingyan event will also take place, welcoming artists, celebrities, and the general public.

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