Almost all areas in Buthidaung ash down


Khit/Munich (NP News) - May 20

Buthidaung residents have reported that almost a hundred percent of residential houses in Buthidaung Township were set arson in Rakhine on 17 May.

“As per reports, nearly the whole town has been ash down. There are five wards in Buthidaung. Flames can be seen even from Maungdaw Township,” a resident near Buthidaung Township said.

The period before the incident, AA armed troops made an alert to the people to displace from the township, he added.

“There were also high buildings and houses. But all buildings were constructed generally using woods, bamboos and straws. Most compounds were built with bamboos instead of cement. Therefore, fire can easily burn from one to another. This fire can destroy the whole township,” the abovementioned resident continued.

In addition, another resident close to the Buthidaung posted a status on his social media stating that the houses in Buthidaung Township were ash down by the AA armed troops and soon later AA members celebrated their victory by waving flags in the township.

As a result, residents in the township have become homeless and are struggling for shelter. Similarly, the residential houses in Buthidaung were also set by arson and destroyed in April.

Regarding the arson incident in Buthidaung township, neither the State Administration Council nor the AA/ULA has not released any statement or explanations.

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