Joint insurgent KNDF/PDF forces destroy civilian properties in Loikaw


Khit (NP News) - July 6

The town of Loikaw in Myanmar is slowly recovering from recent clashes between the military and terrorist groups, but the scars of conflict run deep, leaving many civilians deeply distressed. A Loikaw resident informed The Statesman News Journal that the KNDF insurgent groups collaborated with PDF terrorists have caused damage to civilian property in Loikaw, including burning down buildings.

The KNDF and PDF terrorists have initiated the clashes since November 2023 in and around Loikaw Township, Kayah State under the title of Operation 1111. The conflict has also impacted the town's infrastructure, with government offices being burned down, leading to the loss of vital documents and records. The local economy is paralyzed, as during the clashes, PDF terrorists took bases in civilians' houses and attacked security forces.

"All residents are upset since their houses were burnt down losing their properties. All are also struggling with rehabilitation because it is the rainy season. Some houses were destroyed by heavy weapons and some were damaged partly. Another point is that the PDFs stationed in civilians' houses and burnt their member's dead bodies inside these houses where they are stationing," the Loikaw resident said.

Regarding the economy of Loikaw Township, all trade channels were suspended, and businesses couldn't resume. In addition, no one can go to the farms and paddy fields since the land mines have not been cleared yet, the resident added.

Currently, Loikaw is gradually becoming peaceful. About 90% of the town is functioning well, with only 10% still facing issues. Government teams are meeting to assess departmental needs and plan for reconstruction, which is likely to begin once the dry season arrives. Materials for rebuilding are already being stockpiled.

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